What’s it all about

Training sessions cover all aspects of fencing, including warm-up, fitness, footwork, and bladework. Entry to TA is by invitation, but any Fencer between the ages of 10 and 14 can attend one Foil or Epee evaluation session, and fencers up to the age of 17 may be considered in special circumstances.
TA sessions are not suitable for beginners, and the fencers who will benefit most are those who have been fencing for a year or two, have competed successfully in a number of competitions, and aspire to compete at national and international standard. After an evaluation session, TA coaching staff may suggest other avenues to explore to gain more experience before returning to the TAs. Parents and coaches are welcome to stay to watch. Experienced England Fencing officials are usually in attendance, which gives a good opportunity to discuss career progression, competition planning and similar issues.
All coaching staff are registered with British Fencing, and are fully CRB checked.
Most clubs are not fortunate enough to have the strength in depth that a national training session can provide. By bringing together many of the best young fencers in the country, the TA’s offer a unique opportunity to train with your peer group.
TA training is designed to complement club training, not to replace it.
Sessions currently cost £30 for members of England Fencing or £40 for members of other home countries.
If you are interested in attending a Tomorrow’s Achievers day, or would like to know more about them, please contact Peter James giving name, contact details, age, primary weapon fenced, and some idea of your fencing experience.
Peter James